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Our Origins

Passionnate by art since his early years, Alexandre Latour laid the foundation for our journey. For 15 years, Alexandre managed humanitarian programmes worldwide, aiding communities in preparing for and recovering from disaster crises. Through his travels, Alexandre discovered the hidden artistic treasures of these nations, longing to expose their richness to the world.

Having spent six years in Haiti, where he survived the catastrophic earthquake of 2010, Alexandre fell in love with the Haitian art he collected during his stay. In 2015, he established AYITI Gallery in London, dedicated to supporting Haitian artists by providing them a platform to showcase and sell their creations.


For five years, Alexandre encountered the elitism and conservatism of the traditional art market. This market, unrepresentative of our diverse society, perpetuates the precariousness and isolation of thousands of talented and creative artists around the world who struggle to be seen and live from their art hindered by economic, geographic, social, or political constraints. Frustrated by these limitations, Alexandre pondered a new approach, one that would bring artists closer to art enthusiasts.


In 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic confined people to their homes, Alexandre recognized the potential of art to uplift spirits and facilitate healing. Yet, the physical and financial barriers of traditional art limits its accessibility. Moreover, the intellectualized perception of art over the centuries had left little space for emotional connection. While scrolling through art on phones and computers is an option, these devices cannot capture the true depth and essence of the artworks. Alexandre realized the urgent need for an innovative and impactful solution, one that would make art more accessible and appreciable.

Driven by his passion and determination, Alexandre founded WE REV'ART, a revolutionary platform that bridges the gap between artists and art lovers, transcending boundaries and unlocking the transformative and cohesive power of art through social interaction, innovative technologies and economic alternatives, in order to impact positively the life and the mind of thousands.

Our Mission

In a world fueled by new technologies, WE REV'ART emerged, boldly challenging and disrupting the conventional paradigms of art promotion and consumption. By harnessing the power of innovative distribution systems and digital signage, we revolutionize we experience art.


Through the magic of streaming, WE REV'ART breathes life into spaces previously untouched by traditional art, making it accessible to all. This democratization of art and culture invites a wider audience to discover new works, effortlessly tailoring their experiences to suit their individual needs.


Every screen becomes an dynamic art canvas, transforming any environment into a haven of sensory delight, where culture and emotions intertwine. From the comfort of their homes to vibrant public settings, people are enveloped in a world where art pulsates with immersive power, creating unforgettable moments of  interaction everywhere.


But the impact of WE REV'ART goes beyond the personal realm. By simultaneously showcasing art to diverse audiences in multiple locations, the visibility of artists, galleries, and museums multiplies exponentially. Economic opportunities blossom, nurturing a more sustainable art community supported by an innovative revenue model.

Access to art is no longer confined to the privileged few.

It permeates every corner of our existence, enriching our lives with beauty, culture, and shared experiences.

Our Commitments

WE REV'ART is driven by a steadfast commitment to integrate art seamlessly into our daily lives, harnessing its profound ability to forge connections, inspire, and empower communities. Through our commitments, we aspire to ignite transformative changes within our society, guided by the following principles which contributes to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

WE REV'ART - ODD Commitments

We believe in the power of art as a catalyst for reducing poverty, fostering sustainable economic growth, and promoting digital literacy. By leveraging art's potential, we endeavor to uplift marginalized communities and create opportunities for socio-economic advancement.

WE REV'ART - ODD Commitments

Recognizing the intrinsic link between art and well-being, we strive to enhance the health and vitality of individuals and communities. We provide spaces of solace and inspiration, nurturing environments that promote holistic well-being.

WE REV'ART - ODD Commitments

Education lies at the core of our mission, and we champion inclusive and equitable learning experiences. By utilizing art as a medium for stimulating thought, dialogue, and lifelong learning, we aim to  foster critical thinking.

WE REV'ART - ODD Commitments

We are staunch advocates for gender equality within the artistic realm. Our platform provides a stage for artists of all genders to shine, inspiring and empowering individuals to break barriers and challenge societal norms.

WE REV'ART - ODD Commitments

We are dedicated to stimulating economic growth within the art sector. Through innovative technology and economic model, we instill new opportunities fostering a more flourishing artistic ecosystem.

WE REV'ART - ODD Commitments

We are reshaping the art world into an inclusive and equitable space. We champion underrepresented artists, amplifying their voices and breaking down barriers, while democratizing access to art for all and reducing social and cultural inequality.

WE REV'ART - ODD Commitments

We recognize the transformative potential of art in building sustainable cities and communities. By transforming spaces into vibrant cultural hubs, we inspire a sense of place, reinforcing the community sense of belonging and their action towards sustainable development.

WE REV'ART endeavors to create a world where art permeates every aspect of society, igniting positive change, nurturing well-being, and fostering a more inclusive and sustainable future for all.

Our Values

WE REV'ART - Values

We champion diversity, believing it to be the heartbeat of creativity and cultural richness. Through fostering inclusivity, we strive to give every artist a platform, thus strengthening our collective narrative.

WE REV'ART - Values

We cultivate strategic partnerships with the art community, businesses and art enthusiasts to build a strong, globally connected community and foster a vibrant ecosystem conducive to interaction et développement.

WE REV'ART - Values

We aim for impact collectively and individually by shaping a healthier, more prosperous society. We stimulate dialogue, inspire action, soothe minds, and invigorate people, while driving revenue for artists and enhancing the image of our clients.

WE REV'ART - Values

As a tech-forward startup, we are continually looking to embrace the technological innovation (blockchain, NFTs, IA, IoT...) to amplify our impact, redefine our reach and enhance user experience.

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