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Need more real-world exposure?

Willing more people to truly appreciate your art?

Looking for a recurring source of income?


Show your art differently!

Thank you for sharing your works. We'll revert to you quickly!

Stream & rent your art.

We are building the first social and collaborative art streaming platform to harness the true potential of your art. Like Spotify but for art, art lovers and businesses can select your artworks to display on their digital art canvas. Everytime your art is on display, you receive 50% of their subscriptions. Now imagine when thousands connect to the platform...



Display your art in multiple places simultaneously all over the world from home to public settings.



Get more people to understand your world and build a new




Have your fans support you through their subscriptions and the sales of digital and physical editions.



Work with artists, galleries and museums  and explore new creations.

Let's build it together

We understand the difficulty and the pain of the majority of artists to show their art and live from it. Our experience of the traditional art world taught us that alternative ways exist for the art community.


Digital innovation is changing our relationship with art. It helps us explore new realms, new ways to disseminate, monetize, promote and live with art. It allows us to connect with one another through new models of collaboration and communication inducing further inclusion and diversity.


In our mission to leverage the cohesive and transformative power of art, we are building a unique space for all inspiring and creative traditional and digital artists through a new art media to share their art and their vision, collaborate with their peers, engage with their fans and advance artistic creation.


Join us in our journey to enrich the life and mind of millions of art lovers.


> We believe in artists first.


> We believe in art as an act of self-expression, with no rules, intuitive, expressive, initiatory, meaningful, and the inner soul as the main driving source of inspiration.


> We believe in an art that inspires, instructs and provides emotions to people, that opens minds and mentalities, that influences practices and principles, that expresses a message, a feeling, a state of consciousness, that transcends a reality.


> We believe in equal opportunities for all talented, creative and inspiring artists to show their work worldwide no matter their origin, their background, their status, their renown or their connection to the world.

> We believe that the renown of an artist be based on his/her talent, originality, creativity, the aesthetic of his/her work, the deepness and uniqueness of his/her inspiration.


> We believe in collaboration instead of competition, bringing in diversity into unity, encouraging the collective rather than the individual.


> We believe in more inspirational art in our daily life to stimulate collective consciousness.


> We believe in new technologies to bring the vision of inspirational artists to life.

(c) WE REV'ART Manifesto 2022


FAQs for artists

What is WE REV'ART?

We're a streaming platform that allows artists to show their art (1) in places they had no access before, (2) in multiple places simultaneously, (3) in front of new audiences.

How does it work?

Your art is proposed to our users according to their needs and preferences. They can rent and display the artworks on screens for a limited period of time or they can buy a licence.

At what stage we are?

We are at the pilot phase. We are now building our portfolio of clients locally in France and deploying in few venues already. We stream art remotely at the moment. We are testing the market, gaining user feedback and continuing the development of our mobile app and of our operational capacity before launching and scaling up worldwide.

Is it free?

Yes, joining is absolutely free. We don't charge artists for our services. We charge users and share the subscriptions equally with artists.

How do I get paid?

Artists are paid per play through a rental model; you earn money each time your artwork is displayed.

Is my art safe?

Yes, we use secure, encrypted technology to protect your art from unauthorized reproductions.

Do I retain the copyrights?

Yes, you maintain all rights to your work which are certified under contract.

What type of venues you show art?

From start-up offices to  5* hotels, trendy bars, luxury spas or fashion stores we aim to highlight your work appropriately in every place people live, chill, work, wait...

What's in it for me?

Exposure in new places, connection with new audiences, monetization of your art.

Is there an exclusivity agreement?
No, you're free to display and monetize your art through other platforms and galleries.

How is quality assured?
Our curatorial team reviews every submission to ensure it meets our quality and appropriateness criteria. We recommend our users to watch the art on full HD screens and provide them solutions to acquire customized digital art canvasses for a full interactive experience.

Do I have access to an online portfolio? How do users discover my art?

You will. At the moment we introduce artists individually to users however later, our streaming system will allow you to be discovered organically through search, tags, recommendations.

When will I know my art is being displayed?

You'll provide your consent for each displaying opportunity. Ultimately, you'll be able to access real-time data on display frequency, location, audience engagement and earnings.

What do I have to do? What is the next steps?

Contact us through our platform or on Instagram. If we collaborate, we'll include you into our catalogue. When the first opportunity for displaying your art arises, we'll sign a contract. When the app is ready, we'll also inform you to create your profile.

You have another question?

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